Happy Baby Using Reese & Luke Shea Butter Balm

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Organic Baby Products Reviews

– Julia & Becca G | Cloth Diaper Geek

“After two weeks of use my daughter’s cradle cap has all but disappeared and my babies’s bottoms are looking great!

“When I applied it to my babies’ bottoms, I immediately, I noticed the slight red, wrinkly-ness of their skin start to disappear. As long as I use it at every or every other diaper change, the skin on their bums looks healthy and clear.

In addition, I’ve been using it on patches of eczema that I’ve found on both of their little bodies as well as on my infant’s cradle cap. It really helps both!

It is a high quality baby balm that I’d definitely recommend to my friends or put in a baby shower gift.”

– Christine Gardner, Author | Why We Love Green

”The balm worked very quickly and effectively. For example, if we put on the balm at night before bedtime, my daughter’s redness and discomfort were gone by the next day. I call that a success! “

– Heather Johnson, Author |The Parenting Patch

“After applying a thin layer of Reese and Luke baby balm to her skin at bedtime, her redness was completely cleared up by morning.”

“I also like to use the baby balm on my daughter’s chin and nose, which are chapped from a running nose that is causing her to drool. My daughter also gets itchy knees from dryness, and applying the baby balm to her knees at bedtime has seemed to help her problem.”

– Cristen Casados, Author | The NapTime Reviewer

”I started using the Reese and Luke original scent Shea butter balm on my ankle and it has worked to relieve the itch, and hide the dryness.

What makes it different than the other creams and lotions I’ve tried is that it’s a thicker formula, isn’t drying or sticky and has a long-lasting scent that I love”

– Amanda | Burrito Buzz

”Did you see that little blip about “works great for moms too”? – My eczema is pretty much gone, no cracked hands from washing them a million times a day, tames my fly aways, and is a fabulous lip balm!”

”The smell is divine!”

– Laura O’Rourke, Author | Mommy Miracles

”Neither the Original Shea Butter Baby Balm or the Lavender Shea Butter Baby Balm have strong scents. They are subtle and unobtrusive, which is very nice.”

”Reese and Luke will continue to be our go-to solution for Cameron’s dry skin and Gavin’s sore red bum.”

– April, Author | First Time Mom & Dad

”I really did not expect to love this balm as much as I do. I keep the little tin in my hand bag and use it ALL of the time on my hands, since it seems like I wash then 100 times a day”

”Reese and Luke will continue to be our go-to solution for Cameron’s dry skin and Gavin’s sore red bum.”

– Anne Sweden, Author | Zephyr Hill Blog

”The Reese and Luke balm has worked perfectly to soothe the redness caused by Erik’s teething stools.

It has also rinsed cleanly from his diapers (we use mainly flats and fitteds made of natural fibers) with no residue, staining or buildup”

” I’ve also found the balm to be very useful for other minor skin problems like itching from dryness, chapped skin on the face and lips and even things like dry/cracked skin on hands, feet, etc.

Just to give an example, after piddling around in my flower garden, two red patches broke out on my right arm and right leg. After applying the Reese and Luke balm, the redness completely vanished within 15 minutes.”